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Art and Chairs

If it’s blank, it’s a canvas. That’s my philosophy, and as it turns out, the owner of a new cafe in town was on the same page with me.

And so, with Sharpies and Monami acrylic paints, lots of ideas for her Bohemian theme and four hours, this was my proud entry to her competition.

In my point of view, if you really call yourself an artist, the money doesn’t matter – it’s all about pride in your work and self-satisfaction. That being said, I’m just really proud to have my work out in public.

Feel free to drop by and take a look at all the other artists’ works of art as well (along with a coffee) at Nosh, Tipples and Brew, The Ming Annexe.

Art and ChairsArt and ChairsArt and ChairsArt and ChairsArt and ChairsArt and Chairs

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