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My Pursuit as a Singer / Musician

Hi all, it’s Gaston Pong! I’m in the final semester of Diploma in Mass Communication with IACT College.Among the many assignments this semester, I have one that require us to make a 4-page magazine spread that represents our self best. I realised I have yet to shared about my journey for music. Hence, I would like to share with you my magazine spread as an introduction for my dreams for music.

STORIES Mag is a magazine for uprising artists to share their stories for what brought them so far. In this article, I have mocked up an interview, where I am being interviewed by myself, interesting?

Gaston Pong Music Journey Story Gaston Pong Music Journey Story 2

I hope you enjoyed reading my magazine article! Life’s a journey and let’s keep moving forward 🙂

(Editor’s note: Please subscribe Gaston’s Youtube Channel –  Gaston Pong and see for yourself how talented he is! We here at IACT College wish you All The Best in your music career!)

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