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Perfect Imperfection

How often do
We look at ourselves in the mirror
How often do
We ‘beautify’ ourselves unnecessarily
without realizing we needn’t
How often do we
do these
and forget
We were made as we are for a reason
and that we
are not the only lovely thing
on this Earth?

How often have
We beat ourselves down over mistakes
How often have
We torn ourselves apart over imperfections
How often do we
do these
and forget
That everything has its opposites
Its balance
And that it is only natural?

When we think of beauty we almost simultaneously think of flowers. Flowers symbolize love, joy, hope, care, affection and all things cherished. But flowers are also an apt image of grief when laid at gravestones. In fact some flowers can even be poisonous.

We often forget that even the most beautiful of things may also have an ugly side. The world which is so much more than just us thrives on opposites. This is reflected in the painting I drew of myself. Instead of being the focal point, I am surrounded by a myriad range of large flowers. The message here is to love yourself in ways other than just what you see reflected in the mirror as beauty lies not only within you but within creation itself.

Just as flowers are used both in times of joy and of grief, you are beautiful and complete with all your imperfections. Learn to love and embrace that perfect imperfection.

Maybe it’s time
To take nature as example
To recognize the beauty of balance
The perfection of imperfection
And the reality
That being less than perfect
Is more than okay.

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