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Over 40 Years of Experience in Training and Education
IACT College, formerly known as Institute Advertising Communication Training (IACT) initially started as a Joint Education Committee of the Malaysian Advertisers' Association (MAA) and the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents, Malaysia (4As) in the early 1970s and progressed to a full-fledged Education Institute in 1993. Founded and endorsed by the MAA and 4As, this has enable project based learning (PBL) teaching pedagogy moving towards academic achievements. As a result, IACT College students have won numerous awards in local and international competitions such as the Kancil Awards, L'oreal Brandstorm, AdWave and InterAd making IACT the specialist college in creative communication.

We aspire to nurture students to think critically, not just about career opportunities, but also challenges confronting society; to act wisely with integrity and to make a positive contribution to the world.

We aspire to provide education of the highest quality to empower graduates with job ready skills and knowledge which is relevant to the current industry.



MQA is a governmental body overseeing the quality practices and accreditation of higher education institutions. IACT College has always enjoyed MQA stamp of approval and this accreditation continues on an ongoing basis.
  International Advertising Association (IAA), New York is one of the world's largest network of advertisers, media and agencies. IACT College is the only college in Malaysia to receive its accreditation and as one of our awarding bodies.

The Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA) is an organization that represents 64 major advertisers in Malaysia, of which collectively spends about RM5 billion in advertising.   The 4As is the representing body for over 130 multinational and local organizations in the Malaysia advertising and communication industry.