BAC Education Partners with Skillshare to Inspire Creativity Amongst Students and Staff 

Have you looked at a piece of art and wished you could create something as beautiful? Have you tasted an apple pie and wondered if you could make something as delicious? Have you felt inspired by sceneries and landscapes but could never really encapsulate this beauty in pictures and videos? 

We are ALL innately creative, constantly perceiving, reimagining and redefining the world around us. But it’s always a little difficult attempting to express this creativity. We do not always have the right tools and means to decipher and unleash the vastness of our creativity.  

At the BAC Education Group, we believe our students and staff are filled with creative potential. And with the right guidance, they will be empowered to explore this creativity to bring their ideas to life! 

Which is why we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Skillshare, an online learning community with thousands of inspiring classes for creative and curious people. Through these classes,

Skillshare aims to provide an opportunity for lifelong learners to: 

- Explore new skills,  
- Deepen existing passions, and  
- Get lost in creativity 

These classes are taught by real creators who are ready to share their experiences, wisdom, and trusted tools.  

Kumar Nagalingam, CEO of Skills Academy, expressed his enthusiasm about this highly anticipated partnership,  

“This collaboration between BAC Education and Skillshare is not only highly significant, but also timely. The demand for diversity in workplaces is increasing by the day, and students need to realise that their degrees alone are no longer sufficient. Skillshare provides an amazing platform of resources for students to pick up practical and fun skills, which will potentially place them far ahead of others in the market.” 

Raja Singham, Managing Director of the BAC Education Group, sees this partnership with Skillshare as an amazing opportunity for students and staff alike to upskill and reskill, 

“The fundamental nature of work has changed drastically over the past two years, bringing with it both opportunities and challenges. We must continuously learn, grow and grasp new competencies in order to stay relevant. I believe this partnership with Skillshare will encourage creativity, innovation and individuality amongst our staff and students, allowing them to tap into their ultimate potential and remain competitive.” 

With Skillshare complementing our academic curriculum, students will get the chance to explore the depth of their creativity on their path to becoming global graduates and leaders.