Donate N' Go - Blood Donation Drive

Serving Our Society (SOS) is a student-run society that supports community engagement projects, as part of their MPU curriculum. This time, IACT students from SOS collaborated with the National Blood Centre (NBC), in organising a blood donation drive, which was held at BACPAC.

Although individuals with blood type O are the universal donors, people of all blood groups are are welcome to donate, as hospitals and medical facilities are always in need of more help. There are also a number of surprising benefits to blood donation including reduced stress levels and lowered blood pressure.

The projected outcome for this collaboration with the NBC was a minimum of 30 bags being donated. However, 43 bags of blood were collected from students and staff members of BAC, IACT, Veritas, UNIMY, and Reliance, which exceeded everyone's expectations.

The event was a great success, and the 43 bags of blood collected will enrich the NBC's blood bank. Expanding the resources of our national blood banks will help ensure that anyone who needs life-saving blood transfusions, will be able to receive the necessary help.

Both IACT College and the NBC would like to sincerely thank those who donated blood at the Donate N' Go - Blood Donation Drive event.