How To Create An Impressive Digital Portfolio

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A digital portfolio is a great way to showcase your skills and collection of works to prospective employers. Most creative professionals such as marketing professionals, copywriters, graphic designers and UX designers tend to use online portfolios to present their skills and work experience.

Know your audience and engage them

Creating a digital portfolio demands that you understand what the readers want. If the portfolio is meant for recruiters and hiring managers, you will need to include samples of your work to display your skills and work experience. The important thing to remember is to engage your audience by telling a story. Give reasons why you decided to pursue a particular career, give detailed information about previous work experience within the industry so that the readers can connect with you on a better level.

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Choose a theme

You can use websites such as WordPress with access to various themes to suit your needs. Other popular tools include PortfolioBox which allows you to create a digital portfolio on your web browser.

Display your best work with detailed captions

This may sound cliché but highlight only your previous works that showcase your best skills and strengths. For example, you may want to include any award-winning work with a write-up about the award you won or works that have received the best reviews from clients, etc. Pay attention to SEO terms to be seen by those within the industry and make it easier for people to find you online.

Scan through your portfolio before sharing it

Before sharing your portfolio with future employers, proofread the contents or get a second pair of eyes to do the necessary. Ensure your portfolio can be viewed easily in multiple platforms i.e. mobile, desktop or laptop. Keep a lookout for links and images that are taking too long to load by resizing those images and fixing any broken links.

Update your portfolio regularly

Set a reminder to include your latest works in your digital portfolio and remove any outdated content. Updating your portfolio on a regular basis shows your future employers that you take the effort to maintain an active presence online.