Knocking the Doors of Opportunities: From Law Student to Social Media Influencer and Model

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With the rise of new communication technologies, social media has become a potent tool for achieving personal goals. Aniq Aqil, a law student at the time, saw an opportunity to leverage the power of social media and stepped into the TikTok world when the pandemic threw us into chaos.

What started out as an idle pastime quickly became Aniq's obsession.  He stumbled upon his innate talent for producing compelling content that struck a chord with his audience, propelling him to the status of a social media influencer and a model.

Aniq recently had the honour of being a guest speaker at a workshop that was planned and organised by IACT's New Media Studies students under the UK Transfer Programme (Mass Communication). Recognising that the appetite for learning knows no bounds, the lecturers participated in the lively discourse on the dynamic force of new media. It was an exciting chance for Aniq to share his success story and for the attendees to develop a better understanding of content creation, what it takes to be an influencer, and how to be a good content creator. The session was really interesting, and everyone was buzzing with energy!

The workshop was divided into two exciting sessions that kept everyone engaged. The first session focused on Aniq's background story and how to make content for social media. The best part of this was a fun and stimulating activity that got everyone's creative juices flowing. In this activity, students and teachers were grouped and told to create "TikTok content" based on a theme. The result was a bunch of short skits that made everyone laugh, contemplate, and have a blast.

The second session was all about Aniq's work as a model, and it was just as fascinating as the first.

The session ended with a quick but fun activity where Aniq showed how to walk like a model. The participants were all smiles and had a great time.

“Without the birth of new media, I wouldn't be here now sharing my journey and experience with you. It has opened up so many doors for me,” Aniq said.

Overall, it was an exhilarating workshop that left the attendees feeling inspired and motivated to create their own content for social media platforms.