5 Compelling Reasons To Pursue Media Studies


Media studies is relatively a new discipline in the communications world. It encompasses mass communication, public relation, journalism, and many more.

Apart from shaping various perspectives of the world around us through mass media, here are 5 reasons why you should pursue Media Studies.

1. Wide career options

Since Media Studies encompasses a variety of areas related to media, you’ll never run out of options in terms of a prospective career! Having multiple skills and vast knowledge of media can help you kick start your career in newspapers, magazines, productions houses, PR firms and many more.

2. Learning is creative and fun

Learning media studies is not all about memorising or sitting for exams as it is a mixture of art and creativity. This field of study supports the development of knowledge and innovation through artistic expression, scholarly investigation, and experimentation.

3.Media literate

As the world of mass media is constantly evolving, you will also be able to update yourself with trending issues affecting the world of media through assignments, discussions, and case studies. In this regard, it’ll be easier to understand industry practices and gain a deeper understanding of engaging content for different types of media.

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4. Better income prospects

One of the most highly paid jobs in communications are those in mass media. Media studies is an area very much focused on the development of society hence, having this knowledge is one of the sought-after skills in the working field.

5. Gain knowledge in other related disciplines

Media studies means being multidisciplinary as students get to learn about corporate and governmental structures, and how media plays a significant role in business, economics, as well as other key industry practices through various hands-on projects.

As media influences many facets of our daily lives, now is definitely the best time to pursue media studies and become a highly skilled media professional capable of making an impact in the world!

Convinced to take up media studies?

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