5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your First Job

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Are you a graduate eagerly looking forward to start your first job? If yes, then read on and discover five basic things you need to know before choosing your first job.

1. Benefits

Although your base salary makes up a major portion of your compensation, you need to clarify with the hiring manager about other benefits such as medical and insurance coverage, dental and optical allowance, bonuses, commission, etc before signing on the dotted line. Similarly, it would be advisable to consider other additional perks offered by a company (such as gym membership and travelling allowance).

2. Work Environment

The working environment will be one of the most important things to consider when choosing your first job. Try and do some research on the company’s history, quality, and working culture. One of the most resourceful things to do is to find out where former employees of the position are now, why they left the job – whether it was to advance or just to get away from the company!

3. Potential for growth

You need to plan ahead, always. Even though this will be your first job, you need to make sure there is potential for advancement. Be sure that down the line you would not be stuck in the same position you were, five years ago. Find out the opportunities for moving up the career ladder in the prospective company you are interviewing at. It is also vital to consider the relevant industry experience you will gain at the company which meets you career goals for a strong CV to advance your career in the future.

4. The team

Getting to know who you will be working with directly would be one of the best tips we can give you. The popular phrase ‘People leave bosses, not jobs’ shows how important getting along with your immediate superior is. Usually the hiring manager would be the person working with you, so take this opportunity to bond and ask questions about the team dynamics and gauge whether you can see the person as your mentor.

5. Company stability and history

Do your research on your prospective employer – in terms of turnover, layoffs or any other red flags such as legal issues, financial troubles. Weigh the risks accordingly and make the best decision that suits your goals!


Good luck with your job hunt!

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