6 Reasons Why a Career in Journalism Could Be For You

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Most people cringe when considering a career in journalism because of one reason: They can’t write. One of the biggest misconceptions about the field is that to be a journalist, you need to be able to write. What if that’s untrue? Here are 6 reasons why a career in journalism might just be for you.

1. You’re secretly a ‘Makcik/Pakcik Bawang’

Who said news has to be boring? Great journalists love good gossip, be it about politics, economics, or any social matter. Not only are they the ones finding the gossip, they’re also the first ones sharing the news (as long as it’s the truth and verified, of course). So if you’re constantly curious and looking out for the latest gossip on a daily basis, the journalism might just be for you!

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2. The thought of working in an "office" sends shivers down your spine.

If sitting in a cubicle all day hunched over a computer sounds like hell to you, then ditch those boring jobs and get into journalism! 80% of the job is done outside of the office because you spend a good amount of time gathering all your information. This means doing interviews, fact-checking, chasing down leads and more!

3. You love to talk

Did you think journalists only write news? No way! You can be a journalist and work in television, radio, digital media, and more. People are always needed to be news presenters, photojournalists, field reporters, foreign correspondents, or even host a super popular YouTube show like “Hot Ones” (yup, Sean Evans is a journalist).

4. You wish you were a superhero

And in this field, you can be! (albeit behind the scenes.) The people of Gotham have no idea who Batman is. The people of New York don’t know Peter Parker. Yet, in times of need, the people look for Batman or Spiderman to save the day. As a journalist, you’re kind of like a superhero yourself. How? Journalists protect the public by reporting urgent news to keep citizens safe. As a journalists, your job is to make sure YOU get the story about what is happening so that the public is in the know and can make wise decisions. Looking out for the public? Sounds like a superhero to us!

5. You want to explore the world

Rememebr how we mentioned that journalism was a job that takes you out of the office? Have we also mentioned that this gives you plenty of opportunities to explore while following up on leads? The world is full of amazing stories of people, cultures, and so much more- you simply need to find them.

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6. You have an opinion

You see a lot of videos where people share their opinions/ review/ rant about certain topics, from movies to music to television shows to games and more. Well, if you’re super knowledgeable or passionate about something, why not share your views? And before you think "That's not journalism"- think agian! Remember those special columns in the newspaper written by Special Correspondents? These articles are usually written by contributors who are experts in or are knowledgeable in the field.

Sounds like something you want to do? Great! Now suit up, young Padawan, and may the journalistic force be with you.