Five Tips for a Career in Public Relations

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Public relations can make or break a company. Every business requires a strong public image that supports its growth, marketing efforts and building a relationship with its current and future customers(PR) specialists are the custodians of the image, reputation and persona of the company or brand. . Because of that, PR specialists are always at a high demand. To grow your career as a PR specialist, you need to make sure you stand out amongst the crowd. Here are 5 tips to help you begin your exciting journey in PR.

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1. Getting the relevant qualifications.

Having a formal education in PR and communications gives you a head start into the industry. Choosing the right course that balances both theoretical and practical elements ensures that you can begin your career with a head start.

Tertiary education also allows you to hone your writing skills and understand how each element of media and communication operate. PR specialists work closely with advertising and marketing divisions. Knowing how everything fits amplifies your capabilities and effectiveness.

2. Be a sponge

Curiosity may have killed the cat but it can make a great PR specialist! Be always curious! With the speed of how communication technologies are advancing, to stay on top, you need to always be ready to learn and adapt to the new norms.

3. Be a techie

With the COVID-19 changing the way in which businesses operate, the online presence and reputation of companies have become vital in ensuring the continued growth and sustainability of companies. PR specialists need to be well versed in the use of various communication technologies to enable better efficiency when strategizing and executing of your campaigns.

4. Expand Your Worldview

This sounds obvious- but let us repeat it once again: knowing what's happening in the world around you is important. The PR industry is a field that is ever-changing and ever-evolving- things can change in a matter of minutes. Therefore, to serve our companies or clients effectively, we must create strategies that are both future ready and easily adaptive.

To do this, you must constantly explore various types of media from newspapers to blogs, magazines to social media channels to study what works and what doesn't. This is because most PR campaigns stretch across multiple media channels- understanding the latest trends, moods and society norms play a key role in making your campaign effective.

5. Building your network

Your network is your lifeline in PR. As you begin your career, your first networks would be your seniors, juniors and friends from college. Your network will grow with your career as you meet new people along the way. You should also take great care in maintaining your online profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) your connections within these network also doubles up as you network that could attract other PR agency via your profiles. So keep them updated!

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