Marketing Skills You Need To Stand Out To Employers

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It’s a competitive world out there in the marketing industry. As new businesses pop up, a marketer has to find new ways to promote the business to ensure it gets the right exposure. From new tactics to emerging trends, there’s always something new to learn.

As the marketing world evolves, here are a few skills essential for marketers to succeed.

1. Communication

To successfully pitch your ideas to clients, you need to have good communication skills. Whether in the form of writing, designing or crafting – all these are needed to convey your ideas not only to clients but also your co-workers. The end product of good communication will be seen in the campaign you are working on whereby the consumers are able to receive the message being conveyed.

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2. Analytical

Being able to analyse the current trends are one of the most important skills needed for someone in the marketing field. To know what consumers are looking for at the moment and the ability to dissect their wants and needs are instrumental in creating campaigns. When consumer wants and needs are known, marketers are then able to target their marketing campaigns at specific groups of consumers.

3. Creativity

To compete with other marketing campaigns, you need to be able to deliver a creative concept for the campaign. Creative skills are needed so that each campaign is unique and able to capture the attention of the consumer. Besides that, a creative campaign leads to engaging content which would benefit your company and your client.

4. Negotiator

This skill is one of the underrated skills. A marketer needs to know how to negotiate not only with clients, on budget, timelines, and expectations. Good negotiation skills is also vital when working with other team members. The ability to drive a hard bargain is a big part of success as a professional marketer.

5. Technology

Your value as a marketer will rise if you know the technology that can be used for you to execute your ideas and to benefit your client. From project management software to the use of social media, your knowledge and skills in using these technologies can help you measure the success of your campaign. Knowing the algorithms to improve consumer engagement through technology will definitely help you gain better exposure.


It’s a never-ending challenge when it comes to the marketing world. But with the right knowledge and exposure to the advertising and marketing industry, you will be equipped with the necessary skills needed to get ahead in the marketing world.

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