Why Study Communications At IACT?

A college established by specialists, taught by specialists to produce specialists!

This is IACT College - THE creative communications specialist college. IACT College was established in 1970 by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents (4A’s) and the Malaysian Advertisers Association (2A’s) to train Malaysian advertising and media specialists.

Today this specialist creative college tradition continues. IACT College is the one tertiary college in Malaysia that teaches ONLY creative communication. Students can choose from specialist diplomas and degrees in advertising, branding, film/video, graphic design, journalism, marketing and public relations.

This specialist status is further recognised by the accreditation of our advertising degree and diplomas by the International Advertising Association (IAA), New York, while our film degree and diploma is accredited by the Asian Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD).

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Project Based Learning

The most unique feature of IACT College is Project-Based-Learning (PBL). In the PBL system lecturers provide students with the knowledge framework. Students then apply this knowledge and skills to tackle real life industry projects and assignments from our industry collaborations. Their learning becomes an intensive skills and knowledge application and acquisition process when the student works on the real life project he has been assigned.

Real life projects could range from packaging designs, to a full digital marketing and advertising campaign, to a digital film production exercise, to organising a real life public relations event, and more. PBL has proven to an effective part of the IACT College DNA which successfully produces graduates with market-relevant, job-ready skills.

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World Class Digital Media, Design & Comms Qualifications

As the leading creative college in Malaysia, IACT offers the widest areas of study in digital media, design and communications. Our students can choose to specialise in advertising, branding, film, graphic design, journalism, marketing or public relations.


Here is a snapshot of the courses our students can choose from:


Certificate in Communication Studies

Foundation in Media Studies

Diploma in Mass Communication

Diploma in Graphic Design

Diploma in Marketing & Advertising

Diploma in Broadcasting & Film

Undergraduate Degrees taught fully in Malaysia (3+0)

BA (Hons) Advertising and Design, University of Sunderland

BA (Hons) Media, Culture & Communication, University of Sunderland

BA (Hons) Film Production, University of Sunderland

UK Transfer Degree (2+0)
BA (Hons) Film and Creative Writing, University of Essex

BA (Hons) Film Studies, University of Essex

BA (Hons) Mass Communication, University of Sunderland

BA (Hons) Mass Communication, University of Hertfordshire

BA (Hons) Media and Communications, University of Derby

BA (Hons) Media Production with Film & Screen Studies, University of Northampton

BA (Hons) Public Relations and Media, Sheffield Hallam University

BA (Hons) Journalism and Public Relations, University of the West of England

BA (Hons) Media and Journalism, University of West of England

BA (Hons) Mass Communication, Northumbria University


Additional micro-credentials from leading universities

IACT College is among first institutions in Malaysia to partner with Coursera, a leading global online learning platform. Through Coursera for Campus, our students and faculty will gain free access to more than 4,600 job-relevant online digital skills while gaining relevant professional development.

On completion of these short courses, students will be awarded micro credentials from the world’s renowned universities like Yale University, Macquarie University, Johns Hopkins University, Duke University and leading tech giants like Google and IBM.


Training & Certification from Linkedin Learning

As an IACT College student you have access to over 17,000 Linkedin Learning courses presented in easy-to-follow videos. These videos cover new skills and knowledge in areas like digital media & communication, leadership, management, digital transformation, education, marketing, branding and much more. After the student has completed each video lesson, he receives certification via a listing of his enhanced skill and knowledge in that particular course on his Linkedin account.



Continuing in our commitment to produce future-proofed, job ready communication graduates, IACT College students have to undergo and pass a compulsory [work-related] 10 to 12 week internship. These internships further develop the professional skills of our students while preparing them with relevant, real world perspectives. Our students choose from over 200 companies and organisations to intern with.


Industry Experienced Faculty

For IACT College to produce graduates with the most up-to-date job skills, we ensure that all our faculty members who teach practice-based subjects have relevant industry experience in the subjects they teach. These subject specialists possess at least a master’s degree with many years of teaching experience. Our emphasis on specialists to train specialists has produced over 5,000 job ready graduates since our founding.


Creative Industry Faculty

In keeping with our strong industry linkages, IACT College has yet another first – the Creative Industry Faculty. This is a faculty of communication, media and design industry professionals who are leaders in their own fields. These Faculty members share their experience, knowledge and skills with our students in formal structured workshops and seminars. Every student is offered up to 8 professional skills development workshops during his stay at the College, at no extra cost.


Award Winning Track Record

Our students have won close to 100 awards in the past 5 years. Their creative efforts have garnered a string of awards and recognitions that include the Malaysian advertising industry’s premier Student Kancil Awards, the International Online Students Film Competition, the Gatsby International Creative Awards, Astro A-List Short Films Award, Short & Sweet Malaysia Film Awards, Star Media Awards, TV3 Projek Video Malaysia Award, Wave Film Award, Turn Up The Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Competition Award and many more.

IACT College itself has been honoured with the global recognition as the 2020 Best Brand in Creative Communications and 2021 Best Brand in Education-Creative & Innovation by BrandLaureate.


Build Future-proof Careers with IACT College

The communications sphere is constantly evolving and changing. Never has the world seen such a communications explosion with millions of people having at least one social media platform. Be it WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook, or Tik Tok or Telegram, or Twitter, or YouTube all of these platforms will require content.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. International video-on-demand platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and the world’s news networks, film studios, advertising agencies will all require content to be produced, products to be marketed and news to be harnessed and beamed to the universe. ALL THIS WILL REQUIRE TRAINED COMMUNICATIONS PROFESSISONALS!


With a specialised IACT College qualification, you will be in that perfect sweet spot to ride this wave of content explosion. You can build an exciting and fulfilling career as a digital marketer, social media specialist, creative writer, journalist, film maker, producer, advertising professional, branding expert,

broadcaster, graphic designer, professional photographer, event specialist, YouTuber/influencer, sound designer and so much more